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Robinrobi Seo
Jun 21, 2022
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If overtime is a curse that social animals cannot get rid of, then meetings must be an important culprit that leads to this daily life. Especially the brainstorming meeting. I don't know if there is brainstorming, but it will happen in reality. A lot of so-called brainstorming category email list meetings will turn sour when they are open. Either they can't stop talking about the topic, or they are silent for a long time with big eyes and small eyes, or they turn into flattery meetings or reviews. meeting. A whole category email list day has passed, and the meeting is over. It is not uncommon for people who work to stay up all night to look at the computer and sigh. Instead of holding brainstorming meetings that waste your life, it's better to wash yourself and go to bed earlier! 1. Five principles of brainstorming Brainstorming meetings are for solving problems, not formalization and routines for meetings! Xiao Seng believes that five principles must be followed in order to conduct a good brainstorming meeting with high efficiency and category email list high quality. Look at the right way: 1. Clarify the topic Many people think that a meeting starts with entering the conference category email list room, but in fact the meeting starts long before the meeting. No matter what meeting it is, it must be held to discuss a certain topic, especially brainstorming meetings, which are often time-constrained and heavy, and the output must be guaranteed (MandCX). Therefore, before the meeting, it must be clearly discussed. , let the participants prepare and think in advance. Those who can collect cases and those who can come up with ideas must be prepared to discuss efficiently. This requires the host of the meeting category email list to clear the background and needs of the brief before the meeting, clarify what everyone wants to discuss, what direction and content need to be produced, and what effect is expected to be achieved. Only in this category email list way can everyone think in one place and work hard in one place, and the effect will be good. I have seen a lot of PMs hold brainstorming meetings. Before the meeting, I just announced: I will discuss it at a few minutes, and then, and then there will be no more. The briefing needs only when the meeting starts, and the background information is added after a few hours of discussion. I hope Heck it's productive.
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Robinrobi Seo

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