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Filter comes with different sizes & specifications. Do let us know the specification that you need, write down in "Get a Quote" form below & we will provide you a quote as soon as possible.

Filter: Price List
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Types of Filter

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Filter: Products
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Top Mount Sand Filter

  • Burly Filters : S500 to S1200                                       

  • Waterco Filters : S500 to S1200 (2.5 Bar / 4.0 Bar)  

Side Mount.jpg

Side Mount Sand Filter

  • Burly Filters : SM450 to SM1400                                        

  • Waterco Filters : SM500 to SM1600 (2.5 Bar to 4.0 Bar)

Cartridge Filter.jpg

Cartridge Filter

  • Emaux Cartridge Filter   

  • Waterco Cartridge Filter


Drums Filter

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